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It takes courage to lead people. It takes even more courage to lead without expecting anything in return.

Donney Salazar

What makes Donney Salazar the new face of courageous leadership?

Best Selling Author

This book was a labor of love and took many years to come to fruition. Donney came from a life of drugs, alcohol, abuse and gangs. He had the courage to change his circumstances which changed the outcome of his life. Throughout this book Donney talks about ways to break-free from the metaphorical ropes that tie you down.

Keynote Speaker

Donney brings an energy and passion to the stage as a keynote speaker, that is refreshing and exciting. Donney tells engaging stories and relates his experiences with abuse and gangs to the world of business. He will help your leaders find the courage it takes to bridge the gap between their past and propel them into their future.


Donney has 20+ years of sales, leadership and entrepreneurship. Over the last decade he has worked with entrepreneurs to build their businesses by teaching the concepts of selling, mindset, and leadership. Donney uses his knowledge and expertise to constantly help others create success with their entrepreneurial spirit.


Courageous SalesPerson

Donney will inspire your organization with stories and examples of courage. He will motivate you with his passion for helping people shift  in order to reach their highest potential. Donney is passionate about working with organizations who invest in people. 

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National Speakers association

Donney is a recognized member of the National Speakers Association.