Donney Salazar

"Speaks With Passion" ~ "Humorus" ~ "Sincere" ~ "Engaging" ~ "High Energy" ~ "Inspirational"

Donney is a courageous leader who has overcome crazy amounts of trials. His earliest memories are about alcohol and physical abuse. For the first 20 years of his life he was conditioned to become a gangster, drug dealer, alcoholic and prison inmate. However, from his mid-teenage years he knew this wasn’t the life he wanted. It took him 5 years to find his way out of the mess. It took courage and perseverance to overcome those challenges and become the leader he is today. Over the last 20+ years, Donney has mastered the skills and mindset needed to be an influential leader…the kind of leader who helps people overcome their past, use their story as an asset, and develop a courageous mindset.   

  • Donney is the co-owner of two organizations; DFS Marketing LLC., and Jupiter Marketing LLP.. Both organizations empower leaders, giving them the tools and skills to better empower their people.
  • He is an avid runner and has finished 10 marathons.
  • Over the last 10 years, Donney has traveled the country consulting with entrepreneurs and training on leadership and sales strategies.
  • Donney considers his greatest achievement to be his marriage to his beautiful wife, Heather, and their 10 children.

National Speakers association

Donney is a recognized member of the National Speakers Association.

Did you know Donney is finishing two books?

Keep a look out for his books and learn how you can read how to have the Courage 2 Stand tall.