Meet Donney

Donney knows what courage is all about. He has overcome the affects of an abusive and alcoholic father, a mother, step-father and brother who all dealt and abused drugs. His childhood was marred because of his family’s involvement with a prison gang in San Jose, CA. Donney has proven he has the courage to stand tall through the obstacles and challenges of life, even though he stands at 5’2”. Donney is a courageous leader who has shifted the direction of his life from the gangster world he grew up in to one of successful entrepreneurship.

Donney is a leader who understands the difference between earning and demanding the respect you are shown. Donney is the co-owner of two organizations; DFS Marketing LLC., and Jupiter LLP. Both work with organizations to help leaders shift their thinking earn the respect of their people, and focus on having the courage to stand tall.

Donney will inspire your organization with stories and examples of courage. He will motivate you with his passion for helping people shift  in order to reach their highest potential. Donney is passionate about working with organizations who invest in people. 

Donney's Past

Donney grew up in a life of gangs, drugs, sexual and physical abuse, infidelity, and alcoholism. In order to enjoy the life he currently has, he has had to develop Courageous Leadership.

When he was eight years old his mom, step-dad and brother were selling PCP out of their home. One morning, while he was getting ready for school, there was a hard knock on the door. He was the one who decided to answer door. He asked who is it was. The voice on other side boomed, “San Jose Police Department–open up!” He froze! “You have ’til the count of 3. 1-2-3.” BOOM!!! The door flew open and officers exploded into the room. He ran and hid under the dinning room table until a gun was placed to his head and he was told to come out. The police searched the house and found what they were looking for. They took his mom, brother and step-dad to jail. This is just one, of many life events that has occurred in Donney’s life.

Donney has made it a life goal to help other people become better than what they were. At 15 Donney had the courage to walk away from his families way of life of Gangs, drugs, abuse in all it forms.

Donney's Present

Donney's family

Did you know…

Donney’s family is BIG!!! Donney met his wife when he was 19 years old, but it wasn’t until he was 38 that he finally married her. They both were married previously. They have 10 amazing children, 2 boys and 8 girls, which is a “yours, mine, ours.” Though only 3 of them are biologically his, he loves and adores all ten equally. Donney and his wife work hard to make sure all the children know they are completely loved. He enjoys going to all their extracurricular activities such as dance, theater, piano and choir performances, basketball, baseball and football games, swim meets and wrestling tournaments. He loves to watch them excel and learn. 

Donney's Future

helping others stand TALL

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”

-Albert Einstein

When Donney was 15 years old , he went to visit his brother in jail. The visiting room was just like you see in the movies. There were booths and a thick glass separating the visitors and the prisoners. But this room was only for those who were in the prison gang. There was a phone on each side of the glass. They wheeled his brother into the visiting room. He was wearing a red jumpsuit. His wrists were shackled to his waist. And even though he was in a wheelchair, he was also shackled at his ankles. They undid one of his ankle shackles and fastened it around a stool that was cemented to the floor. They undid one wrist shackle so he could pick up the phone. When he did, he said, “You look confused!” Donney said, “I am confused.” His Brother said, “I want you to look at me.” He looked at his brothers gang tattooed face and neck, tattoos he was so proud of. Than his brother said, “DO NOT BECOME ME!” 

Since 15 Donney has spent that time moving in the opposite direction. He has learned the power of earning respect from his family, friends and peers. He has established himself as a courageous leader. He has work with thousands of people on shifting their mindsets. 

National Speakers association

Donney is a recognized member of the National Speakers Association.

Did you know Donney is finishing two books?

Keep a look out for his books and learn how you can read how to have the Courage 2 Stand tall.